Emotional Scene as Family and Friends Waves Final Goodbye to DJ Sumbody

There isn’t anything so miserable like waving the last farewell to somebody you cherished very much and earnestly. Be it a companion, partner or darling. The aggravation that you feel when somebody near you bites the dust is simply horrendous.





Today in Ga-Masemola, Limpopo there is only trouble as the famous music maker and a DJ is at last being let go. The close relatives, family members, companions, associates and each and every individual who knew Oupa Sefoka also known as DJ Sumbody is going to his burial service to wave the previous farewells to him at long last.

There will be no other humble DJ like him at any point in the near future. South Africa lost a lord. This man was the extrovert’s and he helped such countless individuals monetarily by utilizing them at his clubs and by offering them a chance to become specialists. Sumbody was business disapproved and the inquiry is who will maintain his organizations like the manner in which he did?

He became fruitful in light of the fact that he didn’t surrender throughout everyday life. This man was a motivation to many. I trust his heritage lives on for eternity.

EFF CIC, Julius Malema was devastated to hear that DJ Sumbody was gunned down in Gauteng, along with his guardian. He guaranteed that the nation has bombed the departed. He is one individuals who were spotted at the famous DJ’s memorial service.

Bheki Cele was additionally there, yet Malema could have done without seeing his face there. He defied and asked him for what good reason he didn’t devise a 72-hour-plan to track down the departed’s executioners. He just couldn’t contain his feelings until the memorial service closes. Julius is clearly harmed that the man from a similar territory as him kicked the bucket without hesitating and none of his executioners have been captured.

Bheki Cele truly needs to follow through with something or else we will continue to lose noticeable individuals. Individuals who killed DJ Sumbody must be found so there could be equity for the departed and his loved ones.