Remembering Robbie Malinga, Take a look at his beautiful tombstone

Inevitably, everyone can become a victim of death. Losing a family’s main source of income is very devastating. It is everyone’s deepest fear to outlive their loved ones. After enduring unimaginable suffering, the family was finally able to come to terms with the passing.







In 2017, the world lost a legendary musician and great artist: Robbie Malinga. His death was a blow to his family. Robbie passed away in his sleep on December 25, 2017, in Johannesburg. Malinga, reports said, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, by the time his cancer was discovered, it had already spread to other organs in the body.

And according to reliable sources, Robbie Malinga was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in July of 2017. According to mortality rates for patients with his illness, doctors gave him only six months to live. Within those six months, sadly, Malinga passed away.

Malinga enjoyed every minute of his existence. Despite the fact that he was lying in a hospital bed, dying. Malinga’s passion for the song was so strong that he attended the performance despite his poor health. In January of 2018, Robbie Malinga was laid to rest in Johannesburg.

In order to pay their respects, friends and family gathered. Even in death, they showed their respect by giving him a magnificent tombstone bearing his likeness and the inscription, “Here rests the world’s greatest artist, Robbie Malinga.”

Author’s Viewpoint

Despite their passing, it is heartening to see the family continue to honor their loved ones in this way. The Malingas show how important it is to continue loving one’s ancestors even after they’ve passed away.