A cute moment of Shaun stylist and his girlfriend Anele Ngema

Shaun Andile Naki is a celebrity stylist, brand influencer, media personality, businessman and philanthropist. He gained recognition in 2017 in the fashion industry and on social media while styling the most prominent soccer stars like Teko Modise, Shaun Mkhize and George Lebese from back in the days. He was born,

And bred in Ekurhuleni in Johannesburg South Africa and he lived with his grandmother who raised him from a very young age. When Shaun started styling Shaun Mkhize in 2019 and he started to be in a lime light when he became closer to Andile Mpisane. They are now like,

Brothers and Shaun Mkhize said she takes him like his son too. Shaun has had a public relationship with his then girlfriend who was a business woman but he broke up with her after she cheated on her with a multimillionaire. With social media it has came into our attention,

Because he has been posting Anele Ngema. Anele Ngema is a very private person and doesn’t always posts his relationship with Shaun on social media but she always posts whenever she is with her newly found best friend, who is her boyfriend’s bestfriend Andile’s with Tamia Mpisane. Their friendship has,

Blossomed and they are now close and posting each other more. They all go partying together, on the shoot of Andile’s new single music video that was shoot in Johannesburg in Konka, they were all there together. They were recently at MaMkhize’s thanksgiving party in the last few days,

And Shaun was the one who styled almost everyone even his girlfriend. He was wearing a Nigerian outfit and she was wearing a South African traditional dress, when she was taking a picture her boyfriend Shaun came and kissed her on her cheeks. This is one of the most beautiful moments of Anele and Shaun because we don’t get to see it everyday.