Thobile Left Mzansi Impressed After She Finally Stood Up For Herself After MaBusi Did This In #RHOD

Source: Hashtag #RHODurban and #Thobile twitter page and Showmax

After the last episode of #RHODurban Mzansi and all the viewers of the show have really love how MaKhumalo has finay stood up for herself from MaBusi. It was about time she set her grounds.Thobile is very reserved whos very conduct but not stupid at the same time. Wjat she did to MaBusi jas imoressed Mzansi and it was Non-confrontational but very articulate to say.



Thobile handled her situation with MaBusi perfectly. She put MaBusi in her place, made Londie stupid and stood up for herself for the first time in #RHODurban. It’s been so long since mzansi have been waiting for a mixed reaction from MaKhumalo and on this episode, we finally got to see the true Thobile that people have been saying that she’s boring.

Mzansi has been saying that Thobile borring. The Real Housewives made it seem as if Thobile arrived late whereas she was an hour early to the black tie even. Video of her dancing and singing at LaC’s even they did not show. Now we didnt see her meeting with Jojo and Annie. And they didn’t show her and Annie hugging when she arrived with Nonku at Sun City. On top of that her microphone have lower volume than others? So times you can hear that she’s talking but don’t get what she’s saying. Since other ladies voice over power’s hers because she has lower volume. They trying to push the “she doesn’t participate narrative” whereas she was there but they did not recognize her. Nowonder Thobile didn’t attend #RHOL launch