AKA’s Mother Is Not Making It Easy For His New Girlfriend. She Did This

AKA’s mother is well known on the social streets. It is safe to say she is one of the coolest mothers of people in the industry. She has also made it clear that she is AKA’s pillar no matter what. Her name is Lynn Forbes she actually takes good care of AKA and DJ Zinhle’s daughter. She enjoys doing fun activities with her grand daughter, and it seems as though she spends more time with her than the parents.




Today marks exactly a year, since the passing of AKA’s fiance, Nelli Tembe. It is believed that she jumped from the floor of the hotel that she was staying at in Capetown with AKA while he had a gig there. The two were always having fun together, and seemed to be so much in love with each other.

AKA took to social media to pay tribute to his late fiance. Some people said he doesn’t love her, and which is why he has already moved on with his girlfriend, rapper Nadia Nakai. The two have already started posting each other on social media. It is not only AKA who has paid tribute to his late fiance, but also his mother. His mother never posted the late fiance when she was still alive, nor acknowledged the relationship publicly. She would instead post pictures of DJ Zinhle, as they are really close with each other.

AKA has a new woman in his life now, but both he and his mother are publicly paying tribute to the late fiance. It is not wrong at all, but it could be somehow for the new woman in his life.