A 90 years old white elderly man married a 24 years young woman, see photos!

Nowadays, people are nolonger considering age aspect when they are in love. True love doesn’t check your age, looks, background, race. As long as two love each other, the above aspects don’t matter at all.

This couple is a proof of the above statement, an elderly man who is in 90s has found love in a beautiful young. The couple have tied knots in a beautiful white wedding, and are currently staying happily together. The wife shares the picture of them on her social media platforms all the time when they go out.

Unlike other woman who are embarassed or ashamed of their older husband, a young Ghanaian lady is the opposite. He appreciates and show off her man more often. She is proud of him, and said that only death will separate them.

The vaccine has not yet been found, the virus is still spreading. Wear your mask as usual, sanitize your hands all the time in public and shopping. Wash your hands with soap. Keep social distance always to stop the spread of the Virus.