Zwido’s recent glow up. Mrs ‘I’d rather die’ included. MinaNaweHouse

It seems cutting people loose just might be what’s best sometimes.

The girl bought a car, seems closer to her family and is definitely glowing. Zwido uploaded a few snaps of herself and family enjoying a day out.

Zwido and her mother have been on whirl wind after another, she is in my opinion the worrier and protector a mother needs to be. Zwido’s mother was duped, ‘I’d rather die’ this was after she blatently repeated this phrase when asked if she’d ever left Livhuwani who was Zwido’s partner marry her daughter.

Below is a picture of Zwido, her son, sister and mother.

We cannot wait to see and hear of more progress in her life. She is also glowing quiet significantly. If this isn’t evidence that women and men should leave their abusive relationships.

The new and much anticipated new season of MinaNaweHouse could not be any slower don’t you think? We can’t wait to see more couples cracking or emerging out of the battle house.