Zandile Khumalo reveals she was called by a police Brigadier on Meyiwa case

The sister of Kelly Khumalo actually posted some interesting information that the people of South Africa found very handy and make sure that they screenshot and post it in their social media platforms.

Zandile Khumalo posted that there was a police officer, who called her, so that she can come and testify in the murder case of the former football star, who was killed and also happens to be her sister’s late husband.

The woman was actually praising her husband for the way that he actually responded when she was telling him this matter, because she says that the husband clearly told her that the police officer can come to the house so that they can talk.

This clearly shows just how much the husband supports his wife, especially during these trying times where there are a lot of issues that surround the family and they need justice to be served too.