IT ENDED IN TEARS| check what happened to the prisoner that trended for his outfits

He dresses in an eclectic array of jail garb and appears to be having a good time behind bars. The worst, though, occurred when officials saw the pictures.

The Department of Corrections Services (DCS) said on Tuesday that they had confiscated a cell phone from an inmate who had reportedly used it to upload images to social media.


A spokesperson for the agency, Singabakho Nushmaro, made the following statement “The identified convicts will be transported from St. Albans Correctional Institution in the Eastern Cape to special forces for further investigation and potential legal culpability. The future holds such possibility.

According to Nxumalo, having access to a smartphone while incarcerated constitutes possession of contraband.

“The aforementioned inmate is also facing extra felony charges for having altered the perpetrator’s outfit, which is against DCS regulation. Nxumalo claims that DCS is extremely offended by this behavior, and that the agency will respond accordingly.