Zahara Calls Out Dj Sbu And TK Nciza For Exploitation

Zahara came into the entertainment industry by a storm after her debut album titled Loliwe dominated the radio waves. She quickly became a household name from 2011 leading up to now. Things haven’t been looking good for the artist especially after the controversial stories about how she was ripped of her royalties for the album by Dj Sbu who owns TS Records. Join us as we unpack more of the story below.


Entertainment Commentator Musa Khawula has shared a video snippet that was screen grabbed from Zahara’s Instagram live. She is seen spilling the beans about what happened between him and Dj Sbu. If you’d recall properly, Zahara was under TS Records. That’s where her album Loliwe was released before the drama emerged. Just like most artists, she failed to read the contractual agreement between her and the record label.

Watch the video:

In the past few days she made headlines after it was revealed that she stands to lose her house due to failure to keep up with payments. According to TimesLive, the installment for the house is R17 665 (it actually amounts to R1.9 million). She was given a 6 day grace period by Nedbank to make payments, failure to do so it might be put on auction.

Reaction on social media

It’s actually not the first time that the artist has called out Dj Sbu for exploitation. The album and all the songs that were released under TS Records were removed from digital streaming services and moved to the new record label she’s under. All the royalties have been shared amongst the parties stipulated in the contract but Dj Sbu was entitled to a bigger piece of the pie.

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