Faith Nketsi Getting A Divorce Already?

Faith Nketsi is a South African influencer, and reality star. She is known to have what most people refer to as a perfect body. Nketsi has allowed people into her space, through her reality show ‘Have Faith’. She is also popularly known as queen Twerk.



She had now changed her surname to Njilo, as she just got married not so long ago. It hasn’t even been a month already, but it seems as though trouble is following her and her husband. Faith has been married for less than 3 month, but she has now removed her husband’s surname from her Instagram. There are still people who believe that Faith Married her husband for money.

About a month ago, Faith Nketsi’s Husband,Nzuzo Njilo was reported to be allegedly facing criminal arrest. This was after he was reported for fraud charges worth close to R1m. Do you think she removed the surname because there is trouble in paradise.