“Why is Second Round Longer Than First Round?” – Lady

A Facebook user have caused lots of stir of social media and reactions that got people asking questions. The lady is identified as Success Atasie shared a post on a Facebook community known as ‘IGBO RANT’. People think she’s referring to something else but she made her intentions clear.

Success Gold, who shared the post on Facebook, captioned it by saying: Why is the second half longer than the first half? She went further to give clarity on what she meant by her question.

This question got users from Facebook talking. See reactions in the comment thread.

I know that because of what people do on social media sites, people have to think otherwise about this lady’s issue. But on the other hand, her question is quite a cunning one.

It means a lot of things to ask this sort of question and it has so many responses to it. The lady’s question raised a lot of media reactions.

According to Success Atasie, She said “Why is second round always Longer than first round? I am talking about football before you think otherwise oh.”

Funny enough, she didn’t quite got the answers she needed.

What is your answer to her question?

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