Who Is Older Between Nosipho And Zekhethelo From Uzalo?

Do you ever look at actors and actresses and wonder how old they are? I always wonder who is older between Nosipho and Zekhethelo from Uzalo, today I decided to put my smartphone into good use by googling about these two actresses.

Some people look twice their age and some look way more younger than their actual age. The question is, who is older between Nosipho and Zekhethelo from Uzalo? Keep on reading if you want to find out, their real age will be revealed soon.






Let me start by giving you their real names, Nosipho is Nompilo Maphumulo and Zekhethelo is Nyalleng Thibedi. Actress Nyalleng Thibedi was born on 4 September 1980, she will turn 41 years old in less than 10 weeks from now.

Nompilo Maphumulo was born on 3 May 1982 in KwaMashu, South Africa. This means that she is currently 39 years old and is 2 years younger than Zekhethelo. One may have easily assumed that Nosipho is the older one, but numbers don’t lie.

Here are some of their beautiful pictures for you to look at.

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