What happened to DJ Arch Junior: The SA’s youngest DJ

Do you remember the kid who went viral for winning at the SA’s Got talent? In this article, we will be discussing what happened to him as well as his whereabouts.

While the age of 3 is mostly the age where most people learn to speak, walk and barely recognize people Oratilwe Hlongwane was already making thousands by his talent. Oracle AJ Hlongwane is the South African youngest DJ. Arch Junior first caught our attention when he was only 3 years old.




He participated in the South African show where people showcase their talents. The show is professionally known as the SAPS Got Talent. In 2015 Dj Arch Junior was an outstanding candidate, he won R500 000 and participated in talent shows all over the world.

He appeared in Britain’s Got Talent, China’s Got Talent, USA’s Got Talent, and Saudi Arabia’s Got Talent. Oratilwe was awarded for breaking the Guinness World Record by holding the status of being the youngest DJ in the world. Moreover, this talented DJ won the Global Child Prodigy award in 2020.

Even though the youngest DJ is known for his talent, credit should also be given to his father who helped him learn more about music. Mr. Hlongwane is an entrepreneur and an underground DJ, he spotted the talent in his son early and took steps in helping him to take further steps.

DJ Arch Junior was able to make millions before he started attending grade R. His net worth is currently estimated to be R1.5 million which roundly is plus or minus R21 million.

Other parents should take what Mr. Hlongwane did to his son as a lesson and help their children develop their talents from early childhood.

Now coming back to the question of what happened to this award-winning DJ. DJ Arch Junior is living a private life, he is currently the Managing Director of Mangalam Educational Institutions, he is also a successful YouTuber with 993K subscribers where he shares his videos mixing with the public. The future is bright for this 9-year-old young man. DJ Arch Junior is also working on producing his own music now. He once showcased where he was producing his own song from the scratch. Mzansi should expect more music from this young man.