Well Known Uzalo Actress Is In Real Life Financial Trouble

Nompilo Maphumulo, the Uzalo actor who plays Nosipho, finds himself in a dangerous predicament. He told the Daily Sun she had approached him several times, claiming she was in financial difficulty but would repay him. According to records, this artist owes a predatory lender R25 000 or more, which she accumulated over time.

The mashonisa from Inanda, north of Durban, alleges the actress owes him R25,000 for a loan she took out while she was in financial problems earlier this year. According to Sbu Ntombela, a predatory lender from Nanda, Nompilo had been visiting him on a regular basis, begging for money since she was in a precarious financial situation.

“She has failed to deliver on her promise to reimburse my money on time. I was forced to borrow money from others in the hopes that she would honor our promise and return me. Those people have now asked for a refund from me.

She used to tell me that she was having problems because Uzalo had stopped filming, and they were working but not getting paid on time.” He said he didn’t have any text messages proving the actress owed him money because all deals were done in person or over the phone.

“I know she does other jobs besides Uzalo and that other jobs pay her, yet she refuses to refund my money.” Nompilo had earlier notified Ntombela that they had stopped filming Uzalo sequences for a period and had not been paid.

When I asked Uzalo to speak with me privately, she stated she didn’t have time. She also indicated that she would repay me in the future for the money I lent her, but I am convinced that she will never do so. Despite the fact that she frequently changes jobs, she refuses to reimburse me for the money I gave her.

Ntombela stated, “Even my mother has chosen to pitch in and provide a hand.” As a result of COVID-19, Uzalo had already stopped filming, which had a huge impact on artists like Nompilo. When reached by phone, Nompilo did not respond but instead left a message instructing authors to contact the predatory lender for clarification.

Ntombela discovered that Nompilo had left him a message suggesting that if he was ever found, he should not report the incident to the authorities. When Nompilo finally met up with the writer, she informed him that she had spoken with the predatory lender and pleaded with him not to divulge any further information about the case.




When he threatened to go to the media, the mashonisa revealed that she pleaded with him not to since it would be detrimental to her reputation. “Because she is a brand ambassador for a lot of firms, she is well aware that this will disgrace her.

Now I’m enlisting the support of my mother and her mother to come up with a solution so she can stop ducking and diving.” The actress told the SunTeam that she owed the media no answer. ‘We agree with them; perhaps there was a misunderstanding between us that caused the problem in getting in touch with you.’

When I chatted with them, everything was fine. Nompilo said, ‘Those are my final words.’ Because, as she described it, she is a minister for specific brands, they will not be pleased to see her on obamacare-related papers.