” What a transformation”, see the images that a lady shared of Madluphuthu. Is this him?

Madliphuthu, whose genuine name is Vuyo Mgudlwa, is a famous South African entertainer and jokester who rose to conspicuousness in the late aughts. Vuyo used to be a broadly perceived figure thanks to the prominence of his movies, which he used to create. We haven’t seen a lot of him as of late, and the year 2019 was the last time we saw one of his movies, in which Madliphuthu met an unfortunate end.



All things considered, so as of late a lady went on Twitter and transferred what she guarantees are when shots of Vuyo Mgudlwa. She posted two photos, one of which portrayed the fictitious person Madliphuthu, and the other clearly showing Vuyo as he shows up at this point. The man in the second photograph she gave seems to be the Vuyo Mgudlwa we as a whole recall that; he’s a lot bigger and more strong.

Various analysts on the photographs started to conjecture concerning whether Vuyo was really portrayed; evidently, a large number of them don’t really accept that that it is him, as one of the remarks started to bring up that the ears don’t for even a moment appear to be practically identical.