Sarafina’s Mary Masembuko did abortion at age of 14, gave birth at 18, get to know

She was born Caryn Elaine Johnson on November 13, 1955, but most people know her as Whoopi Goldberg. Her fans called her “Whoopi” because she looked like a whoopee cushion, and she said that the name “Goldberg” came from her family and heritage.







In South Africa, she is known for playing Mary Masembuko in the movie Sarafina, which is about the fight against the Apartheid government. She was a black teacher who told her students to fight against the government because it was white.

In her book “The Choices We Made,” Goldberg talked about some of the things that happened in her life. She said that when she was 14, she used a coat hanger to end a pregnancy.

She had a baby girl, Alexandrea Martin, when she was 18. She is her only child. Goldberg has one great grandchild and three grandchildren through her.

Goldberg has been married three times, and the last time they broke up, she swore she would never get married again. She said, “Some people aren’t meant to get married, and I’m one of them.”

Reports say that Goldberg used to be a drug addict and that she has a disorder called dyslexia, which makes it hard for her to learn to read. She has also had to deal with health problems like pneumonia and sepsis.