We paid R14 000 to see Bushiri

Owamie Hlongwana is South African Youtuber who usually update blogs about her life stories and experiences and uploads videos about celebrities, Gossip and basically everything that is happening in South Africa.

She is an Entertainer and she is very open.

Owamie Finally Exposes or rather tells the truth about prophet sheperd Bushiri and his international visitors programme.

The international visitors programme is a one on one session which you go for 3 days in Pretoria Showground to go and see the prophet so that he prays for you .

Owamie said she has been in ECG for the longest time and she had her own problems with her husband.

She then tells us that she aspired to go to international visitor to see the prophet.

She and her husband had to Pay R14000 to go and see the prophet.

Her expectations of how international visitor would look like was actually different to what she was told and imagined it to be like because upon arrival at the hotels and church ,she was told to share a room with her husband and the food was cold and little ,she expected it to be a buffet which was obviously not.

When it was time for the prophet to pray for them ,they were not prohesied to as she expected, he only just laid hands on them without any prophecy.

Her experience with ecg was Good at the beginning but later realized that she doesnt belong there that’s why she left the church.

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