Fiction: Mamlambo loves to poke, says Powerful Sangoma.

Ukuthwala can be very dangerous and the Mamlambo Snake likes Umdavazo.That was the warning from a well known sangoma Tumi Motsoeneng. She said that even though having Mamlambo brings people wealth, there is always a huge price to pay.

She said that when clients wanted to get rich faster, they were given a snake known as Mamlambo or a zombie. They will take it home with them and when they do as instructed, they become rich quickly because the Mamlambo doesn’t take long before it does its work. Many people get rich using Mamlambo but even though it looks like they are happy, they pay a heavy price.

“The problem with Mamlambo is that it drains blessings that were meant for your loved ones, friends and everyone close to you and gives their blessings to you. Not all sangomas tell their clients the truth about Mamlambo because they just want the money they receive from their clients so they are scared that if the clients know the truth they might change their minds and not pay for the snake anymore. The clients take the snake home and when they get there they are confronted by horrifying demands from the snake. If the client doesn’t meet those demands, it leads to extreme poverty or even death because when the snake is angry it might even kill you”. She said.

She said that many men and Women flood Sangomas houses looking for Mamlambo because they are lazy to use their brains to make money, so they want the snake to help them to get rich quickly.

“I’m also gifted with helping people with Ukuthwala, but I don’t like doing it because it doesn’t end well for many people most of the time”.

She said that not all sangomas have the gift and not many of those who have the gift turn away customers who want Mamlambo, because of their love for money. After Ukuthwala the client will have to give money to the sangomas who takes care of the Mamlambo every month for the rest of their lives.

“Many people who have Mamlambo get successful in their lives, some are actors who work in the entertainment industry, some are sangomas, some are pastors, some are businessmen and others are in political parties.”

She said that many people go into relationships for material things not knowing where they come from. You find many young girls dating blessers and they don’t even care where the blesser s money came from.

“Some of these young women end up being used as sacrifices for the Mamlambo because it has to be sacrificed for every year and it likes Mdavazo so if the person responsible for it has a side partner it normally doesn’t like it. People shouldn’t be blinded by lust and love for money and get into relationships for the sake of it because they will end up seeing things they were not supposed to see and some may end up dying”

She advised people to stay away from Mamlambo and use their brains to make money because having a Mamlambo is a bad idea.