Uzalo’s Sibonelo is left parenting his daughter since his baby-mama died

Wiseman Ngcube, who plays Sibonelo Mhlongo, the son of a well-known gangster in Kwamashu, on the TV show Uzalo, is a 32-year-old father who is raising his daughter alone after his baby mama died.





Wiseman is a loving father who does everything he can to keep his daughter from missing her mother. This is different from the selfish character he plays on Uzalo. Since his baby mama died more than 4 years ago, things haven’t been easy for him.

His 8-year-old daughter Lwande lives with him, and when her father Wiseman goes to work, she spends most of her time with her uncles, who are her father’s brothers. When you see Wiseman doing well on TV, you should know that he is trying to be successful so that he can be a good example for his daughter.

Ngcube promised to raise Lwande in a godly and responsible way, which is more likely to happen with the help of his mother. Raising a child is not easy. Ngcube said that his daughter asks too many questions, some of which he can’t answer.

Sibonelo is a womanizer who doesn’t care about his family, but Ngcube puts his daughter first. We haven’t heard of any woman getting in the way of this relationship between a father and a daughter. Wiseman says that Lwande is always well cared for and that her mother should be happy wherever she is.