RIP Condolences pour in to ex South African president Jacob Zuma

Zuma’s wife bore him many kids but see what she did.Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma was the fourth democratically elected president of South Africa, serving from 2009 until his resignation in 2018. During his presidency, Zuma’s leadership style and personal life werZuma’s wife bore him many kids but see what she did


One of the most notable criticisms of Zuma was his alleged involvement in corruption scandals. Zuma and Julius Malema, who was then the head of the African National Congress (ANC) youth group and is now the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), have been repeatedly linked to corrupt activities.e often under scrutiny by the media, opposition parties, and the public.

Zuma’s wife bore him many kids but see what she did
Tragically, Kate Mantsho committed suicide on December 8, 2000, before her children had a chance to grow up. She left a note, which was viewed by multiple people, including Reverend Frank Chikane. Her youngest child with Zuma, Vusi Nhlakanipho Zuma, passed away in July 2018 at the age of 25. He had kept his private life, especially his family, out of the spotlight, so most people did not recognize him.

Zuma’s wife bore him many kids but see what she did
Duduzane Zuma, one of Jacob and Kate’s children, was only 16 at the time of his mother’s suicide. He remembers the experience as frightening to this day, saying, “It’s almost as if this just happened yesterday.” Despite the tragedy, Duduzane has gone on to become a successful businessman and has been involved in several controversial business deals, leading to further criticism of his father’s leadership and personal life.

Zuma’s presidency was marked by several controversies and scandals, including allegations of corruption, mismanagement of state funds, and accusations of rape. He also faced numerous legal battles, with some charges relating to corruption and fraud still pending. Zuma was forced to resign in 2018 after a vote of no confidence by his own party, the ANC.