Uzalo actress Noxolo Mathula’s side hustle of cooking, selling hotdogs, and a few other fast foods is growing significantly.

According to the ‘Uzalo‘ actress Noxolo Mathula , who plays Lilly in the SABC 1 drama, some people still criticise her for selling street food.

She founded the company in late 2020, amid the lockdown, due to a labor shortage in the industry. Many people are still surprised to discover about her ‘selling Hotdogs side business.



Noxolo Mathula has seen immense growth in her side hustle in the past few months.The Uzalo star started her side hustle of cooking by selling hotdogs and a few other fast foods to her fellow cast members.

Nobody, including Noxolo, could have predicted how large the company would become in such a short period of time.Noxolo is a multi-talented lady who can elevate anything she touches to excellence.Her music speaks for itself, her acting is visible to all, and she has won awards.

Noxolo documented her entrepreneurial path from humble beginnings to prominence on Instagram.When she announced her progress, most of her former fans came out in force to applaud her hard work.

With her heart filled with so much gratitude, Noxolo spoke of how she started her business and how it is going.“How it started >>> Swipe left to see how it’s going🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 @hotdogsbynoxolo I’m so proud of this baby. Your go-to catering company. We cater for TV productions, Commercials shoots, and PR Shoots🎬💃🏽our main aim is to provide quality meals for Cast and Crew that work so hard to bring you the best entertainment on your screens @hotdogsbynoxolo remember that name!” she said.“We literally did not have bread at home, and we couldn’t work,” she explained to Drum magazine. Noxolo was inspired by the street cuisine she ate in New York on a trip in 2019.

According to the Daily News, the actress is unafraid of her business.

“I am never ashamed of myself. My mother told me that doing honest work should never make you feel humiliated. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if it brings you money and happiness. It’s my side hustle, I own it, and no one can tell me what to do with it. It is a brand that I am quite proud of. “I’ll never be ashamed of it,” she told the magazine.

Noxolo’s hotdog industry has expanded dramatically in the last two years. From selling hotdogs for R700 on her first day to having her own mobile kitchen and winning catering contracts on a film shoot.

Her company also makes delivery in and around Durban.

“I’m frequently asked why I’m out on the streets selling hot dogs when I’m a TV celebrity. People are oblivious to the fact that things are difficult. I don’t sell hot dogs on the streets for fun, but it’s one of my side jobs… “No matter how much money you have, a single salary will never be enough,” she told the Daily