Innocentia Manchidi speaks on 13 years of playing Rendani and being pregnant in real life.

Innocentia Manchidi speaks on 13 years of playing Rendani and being pregnant in real life.Innocentia Manchidi, who played Rendani in the SABC 2 drama series Muvhango, is expecting a girl with her husband.The actress has been portraying Princess Rendani, King Azwindini’s sister. After spreading the news of her growing family, Innocentia may be absent from the screen while on maternity leave.The happy expectant mother is thrilled to tell Truelove about this new chapter in her life. She claims she and her husband, Mpho Manchidi, kind of planned this pregnancy.




“So, it was semi-planned, I could say, because we had spoken about starting to try later on in the year.”

Despite having her dream come true a little bit earlier, she is still grateful for the experience. “We are actually thanking the Lord that He actually did it for us,” she said, alluding to the fact that her baby girl’s name has something to do with “glorifying God.”While the couple is excited for this new chapter in their lives, Innocentia admits she and her hubby are also nervous. “We were nervous because a part of me still feels like I’m a child myself. I remember joking saying we’re going to forget this child at the mall,” she jokes.Surprisingly, she admits that she has been looking forward to the morning sickness, cravings, and other pregnancy-related side symptoms since she learned she is pregnant.Innocentia was open to having either a boy or a girl, with first preference being a baby girl. Mpho, on the other hand, hoped and prayed for a baby girl.

Innocentia praises Word of Mouth Pictures and the Muvhango crew for their love, support, and aid throughout her pregnancy.”They have provided incredible help. Everyone was overjoyed from the moment I announced my pregnancy.”

Even though she was feeling worn out as she was about to take a break from the soapie, the Muvhango team had taken wonderful care of her, letting her to rest in between sets, giving her permission to leave early if she became tired, and enabling her to film some of her scenes sitting.After playing the character of Rendani for 13 year’s, the actress says not having to immediately prepare for work every day has been an adjustment.”So, I have been working back-to-back since I was in matriculation, all my life until now. It’s quite weird to wake up and be like, ‘Oh no, you don’t have to wake up; sleep again’.”Innocentia was 18 when she was cast as Rendani on Muvhango, a job she describes as extremely gratifying.

“It’s been amazing, especially because I got to grow with Rendani. When I was in matric, Rendani was in matric, when I started varsity, Rendani started varsity. We literally walked this journey together.”

“I always say that my pregnancy was not a secret, just private,” she shares, explaining how her loyal fans who asked to take pictures with her when she had not yet announced her pregnancy, respected her wishes and did not circulate images of her being pregnant before she had announced it.

The issue now is: When will Rendani return to our screens? “I’m working on pushing out a baby, how’s about that?” She laughs.Innocentia acknowledges that she is eager to pursue new opportunities and advance her profession.

“I will take it one step at a time and I’m looking forward to just a whole lot of growth this year. I do radio and I am looking forward to growing with that as well. I’m looking forward to growing as an actress, I’m looking forward to growing in every avenue of my life. Growth is, I think, the theme of my year.”