Uzalo actor Phelelani recently left fans dumbfounded dressed in the latest fashion in Mzansi.

Generally, Wiseman gets going as a theater entertainer. This discovers him chipping away at plenteous stage creations subsequent to getting a certificate in Dramatization from Durban College of Innovation in 2011.

These include: Only Reality, Have We Been Heard and Mashu the Melodic. His introduction featuring job goes along as he plays Mfanufikile in a dramatization series The Realm UKhakhayi. The entertainer then, at that point projects in the etv telenovela Gold Diggers and entryways begin opening wide.

Mzansi appears to have a ton of kin assuming control over media outlets. The Mncube family is one of the many overwhelming in the business.

Wiseman’s young sibling Omega is additionally accepting steps as he plays Phelelani on Uzalo. Ntando who is the oldest of the siblings moves them to become entertainers. He plays Bhikile on “Ifalakhe” and is killing.

He is definitely becoming one of the adored appearances on television shows and soapies. There is no rejecting that Wiseman Mncube is skilled. From coordinating huge plays to winning honors, similar to it or not Wisman is to be figured for his amazing acting abilities.

How he figures out how to remain humble with such gifts and awards make him significantly seriously intriguing.

His significant other passed whom her character stay unveiled to online media.



At the point when he was gotten some information about his significant other, Sbonelo said that to him this issue is passionate and that he isn’t happy sharing that piece of his life.

Sbonelo didn’t open up about what caused his child mother’s demise, however he said he is thankful to have his mother and siblings who are assisting him with bringing up his girl.

Wiseman Mncube has a girl name Lwandle who is 6 years of age now. The gushing dad of one young lady has shared on his significant other’s passing and being a single parent. The difficulties he faces day by day as he without any assistance brings up his little girl.

Wiseman Mncube also known as Sbonelo said: ” I made a guarantee that I’ll make every effort to bring Lwandle up in a Faithful and dependable manner. I don’t need her to feel that she has one parent. I give her all the adoration and make it a highlight invest all my free energy with her”

He is an all around regarded man who has roused such countless youngsters. He is additionally accessible via web-based media stages like Instagram and on one of his most recent post he imparted to fans some stunning pictures of him wearing the most popular trend which left fans dumbfounded in Mzansi.