Winter looks for kids and adults too, from TV personalities. Tips to keep warm.

Let’s start with kids trending outfits for this winter cold windy season.

Look at Valdo, he’s so warm in his jacket, jeans and sneakers. This is a to-go look when you want to take your kids out for lunch or anything.When they are indoors you can put pijamas on them so they won’t get cold, pijamas are so warm.This is another to-go winter outfit for kids. They must be kept warm at all times.















Now look at Kulture, Cardi B’s daughter. She’s wearing a casual look for kids when you’re taking them to the mall. Warm and simple.She’s also on another stay-at-home warm tracksuit, good for this winter cold windy season.

And then when girls go out they must rock it.

For babies there’s not much because they are so simple and easy to dress. They must be kept warm that’s all, anything goes for these ones.This is so cute, Pearl Modiadie and her son, so adorable.

For adults, you guys can also wear your warm gowns when you’re home. They also save a lot of laundry lol.

Look at how warm Pearl is on her gown.Even Vusi Nova stays home in his gown.

Sithelo Shozi in her gown also, it is so cold you guys, we must keep warm.Babes wodumo and Mampintsha in gowns.