Tonight On #etvscandal: Lindiwe And Nhlak’s Continue To Lie

Lindiwe is determined to lie about her father’s disappearance. But the truth always comes out one way or the other. It is just only a matter of time before their secret comes out of the closet. Their secret is now haunting them. Instead of Lindiwe helping her family to locate her lost father she is misleading them.

It was wrong of Lindiwe to leave her father in the bush and continue to live her life like nothing happened. Mlungisi died after he followed Nhlamulo as he wanted to prove that he is still a criminal. He then fell on a rock and collapsed as he was fighting Nhlamulo. Mlungisi fell on his own. Lindiwe and Nhlamulo then decided to leave him there only to find his body disappeared the following day.

Lindiwe decided to keep the whole situation a secret but now the past has come to haunt her and Nhlamulo. She is doing everything in her power to prevent the secret from coming out.