Pretty and Lehasa relationship take another twist

Things are about to get worse on Skeem Sam. It what many did not expect to happen.Alot of drama awaits fans to finally get out of their curiosity about the couple that seems to be in love Lehasa and Pretty.This is definitely going to break the hearts of many as they wanted the relationship to work at all cost. Some had no reason not to believe that love has finally found Pretty but not it remains to be seen if the relationship is strong or not.




Love is a beautiful thing and the thing that is known to be an early grave for people. The heart break that we are about to witness on Seem Saam might cause more damage to Pretty than one can anticipate.

The fans of Pretty are hoping that Khwezi is not pregnant because that might break her heart again.The viewers of Skeem Saam are very much convinced that indeed Khwezi is pregnant.

Khwezi was ill and fans suspect that she might be carrying Lehasa’s child.

The viewers expressed their thoughts and feelings on Twitter: