Throw Back:Actors Who Made Generations What It Is Today

TV shows come and go, but there are great productions that we keep wanting to rewatch despite them come to an end years prior. Shows like Surbaban Bliss, Stokvel, Going Up, Friends, Breaking Bad and The Office come to mind.

One particular great show to binge on is South Africa’s oldest soapie; Generations, now known as ‘Generations The Legacy’.

The old Generations provided a killer combo of an awesome cast, feel-good factors; iconic fashions, and romance. Today we are feeling a bit nostalgic and we decided to revisit the old Generations from the 90s that started it all. Generations The Legacy is good but ask any fan, they will tell you that the Original Generations is unmatched to this day.

We have compiled a list of the Orignal Generations Stars who still hold a special place in our hearts.

Original Generations Actors

Pamela Nomvete as Ntsiki
She was TV’s ultimate super-bitch: power-hungry, manipulative and deadly. Fans more than loved to hate Generations’ Ntsiki Lukhele, they relished it.

After Generations, she starred in the popular British soapie; Coronation Street, and eventually came back to South Africa to do Lockdown and so many more.

Vinolia Mashego as Hilda Letlalo
Hilda Letlalo was a scheming and ambitious advertising executive with a penchant for powerful men. She was one of the original characters of the soapie in 1994.

Sophie Lichaba as Queen Moroka
Queen was a nosy, man-eating receptionist who was the show’s longstanding character. She stuck around a long time but eventually moved on to other productions.

Sello Maake ka Ncube as Archie Moroka
Archie is the original heir of the Moroka dynasty who worked in his family’s business and made it what it is today. Ezweni Communications is the best advertising agency in Gauteng and run by his son’s; Smanga Moroka (who just left the show) and Mazwi Moroka (the oldest son).

Tina Jaxa as Priscilla Mthembu
Priscilla Mthembu was Archie Moroka’s on-screen wife and the fiercest female character on the show. The duo had such an amazing working relationship and chemistry that they still hope to work together in the future.Original Generations Actors