The Best Replacement For Fundiswa In Imbewu Is Not Brenda:Here Is Why

The Best replacement for Fundiswa in Imbewu is Not Brenda: Here Is WhyBest replacement for Fundiswa

Former The Queen and Generations The Legacy actress; Brenda Mhlongo will replace Fundiswa Zwane as Imbewu’s Ka-Madonsela from next Monday.

While I have nothing against Brenda Mhlongo as an actress or a woman, I don’t think she has what it takes to embody the role of Ka-Mandonsela. I’ve seen Mhlongo on The Queen and Generations The Legacy and I doubt she will make the cut.

Firstly her body physique and her facial bone structure don’t come across or give off an earthy and cultural woman/Mama that Fundiswa embodied. Secondly, she may not be the perfect fit because Ka-Madonsela’s role was meant for Fundiswa. It will take time for her character to fall into place and usually re-casts flop because audiences aren’t very receptive of drastic change.

The only actress who can has the ability to personify off Ka-Mandosela’s part is Uzalo’s Gugu Gumede who plays Mamlambo. The actresses literally look like sisters, they dress the same, speak the same and their characters on both shows are similar, it is actually disturbingly identical.

In fact, all that the casting director had to do to solve this problem is to swap the actresses, and we wouldn’t even notice since Mbewu The Seed and Uzalo were both created by Duma Ndlovu.

According to a report the actress has been fired by producers after her management team demanded that she get a raise. The publication also alleges the actress will be replaced by Brenda Mhlongo.

In a statement, previously confirmed Fundiswa’s departure but refused to disclose any further details.

“Fundi’s last appearance in the current storyline will be aired on 29 July 2020. Since the show’s inception in 2018, Fundi has been a tremendous pleasure to watch. She brilliantly epitomized the role of Ka-Madonsela, a wife whose roots are deeply set in her culture and heritage,” the statement read.Best replacement for Fundiswa