“This June On #etvscandal: Omphile Will Discover What Happened To Her Father “

Omphile will discover what happened to her father

Everyone has been wondering when the truth about Lindiwe’s father will be revealed. Omphile will learn that she has a calling to be a traditional healer. Which will scare Lindiwe and Nhlamulo because they have a big secret that they don’t want anyone to know. Since they threw Mlungisi in the river his body disappeared and nobody knows of its whereabouts. Lindiwe continued to live her life with her husband as if nothing happened. She never wanted to tell anybody about this.


But Omphile’s calling will disturb their peace. As a traditional healer she will uncover the truth and eventually make them pay for what they did to her father. After knowing the truth about her father it is unknown to what she will decide to do with the truth. Either she will want them to pay for what they did to her father and report them to the police or she will just let them be. I guess we will have to find out as the drama continues.

For me what Lindiwe did to her father really shocked many of us. She left her father in the river to die and went on with her wedding like nothing happened. Yes she might be in love with her man but to protect him to this extent is really . She chose her man over his own father. What they did will only bring them bad luck in their lives. How can Lindiwe do this to the person who made her who she is today. One way or the other she will pay for what she did to her father.