Muvhango: End of Nomasondo and Rosemary

Finally Vutshilo, Kgosi and Suzan rescued Gugu and the truth came out, Nomasondo blame Rosemary because their plans didn’t go the way they wanted, remember Nomasondo was always wanted to run away, but Rosemary refused, now everybody know the truth and Rosemary and Nomasondo will go to jail, remember police were always seeking for them.




Gugu is very happy is back home, but she will struggle with nightmares, Nomasondo and Rosemary made a huge mistake to attack Vho Mokondeleni, remember Vutshilo saved Gugu to set himself free because he was going to jail, the problem of Nomasondo and Rosemary is that, they were always communicating about their secret and that is why Vho Mokondeleni noticed that Nomasondo is not Gugu.

And they attacked Vho Mokondeleni because they were trying to stop her so that she would not tell people about their secret, and that is why Vutshilo was also involved, they said it is him because they were protecting their self.

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