‘This Family Is Going To Be Rich. People Around The World Allegedly Sending Donations To The Family

International Media is trying to get hold of Piet Rampedi and the family! It is unclear what they want to do with them beyond getting an interview with them so that they can find out how they live, it is a bit surprising that Netflix hasn’t approached the family for a show since they seem to be looking for opportunities to make new shows.


This family is going to be Rich! People around the world are allegedly sending donations to the family and members of the public are concerned with their protection from opportunists who might want to get in to their money.
The news has broken social media and has also been revealed to have broken the Guinness World Record for a woman who has birthed 10 children, the woman known as Gosiame Tamara Sithole (37) gave birth to duplets through Caesarian Section, they reportedly delivered the babies in their hometown of Ekurhuleni.

They delivered seven boys and three girls at seven months and seven days pregnant, some who might consider lucky because of the wildly held belief that the number 7 brings good fortune and luck.