There’s A Twist In Nelli Tembe’s Story: Security Guard Comes With New Information

It looks like people are now coming out to mention what happened on that fateful morning. Now, one thing about this story is that there is a need to keep informing people about anything that eye witnesses bring forward.

If that happens, people cannot make too many assumptions, this is sad already, especially for the family and friends.

The last thing that they would want is to keep reading different stories about 22-year-old Nelli Tembe on social media that are not true. Now, it turns out that the first person who got to the scene after Nelli’s fall was a security guard, he is probably a security guard at that very same building.

He described how he heard a scream and then moments later, there was a loud thud, as he puts it, he thought that there had been a car accident.

When he got there, he realised that it was a body of a young woman, one can only imagine what was going through this man’s mind. The security guard requested to remain anonymous, this information might be important.

Who knows, maybe he might be asked to describe everything in more detail, if he can. Another thing is that it seems like there are a lot of versions of this story here.

It would be preferable for people to be told just how everything unfolded, we are now waiting for more updates, hopefully from the family. It could be that they are the ones who have an idea of how everything happened that morning.

The family asked that they should be given some space and that is understandable because this is their loved one who lost a life here.

It is necessary that they get all the time that they need, maybe when the time is right, they will tell us more about Nelli, what was happening in her life during the past few weeks and that is if they know.

Was there anything weird that was noticed about how going about her everyday life? Those are the questions, at least the security guard has offered some information.