There is Drama at Kwa Mamkhize’s house see what happened

We all know Shaun Mkhize right and her Son Andile Mpisane.Shaun loves her son a lot in a way that she would give him the whole world if he wanted it ohw and she’s now a grandmother

To those who dont know who shaun mkhize is here’s a lil something about her.Shaun is a business woman who’s a divocee she’s into construction and she got rich by building low cost houses around ethekwin in the 2000’s and this is her picture.

Andile Mpisane is a club owner of royal am football.He also loves music so basically he’s into music.Andile have a beautiful daughter with Dj Sithelo Shozi who’s 27 years old yeah that’s right he’s older than Andile and the internet dragged them judging them about their age difference. This is Andiles picture with her mother

Im sure you are all wondering what the drama is all about.It is said that Andile Mpisane is dating Amapiano artist Kamo Mphela and the media seems to be supporting their relationship which includes Mamkhize.Lot of people say they are a perfect match since they are almost the same age

Picture of Andile mpisane

Picture of Kamo Mpisane for those who don’t know her

Dj Sthelo’s pic