Black Coffee’s son brags to a fan that he takes his looks from his mother.

Black Coffee is one of the most influential djs and producers in the country. The DJ who is also a businessman is known world wide for his talent. He has been on the news for all the wrong reasons lately because of his ex wife, Enhle Mbali Mlotshawa who is accusing him of abusing her.

Besides all the drama, he has a son named Esona. Who is a model and property manager. People saw him walk the run for AmaXhosa last year for New York fashion week. Just like his father he also loves music. The young model took to Instagram to answer few questions. One of this fans asked him who his mother was. He replied by sharing a picture of her and revealing that’s where he gets his looks from. He went on to declare love for her since it is mother’s day. He does look like her even the dimples on the side.