The #RHOD actress Sorisha Naidoo Reacted To Former Pres Jacob Zuma’s Ex-Wife LaConco’s Relationship

Sorisha Naidoo from “The Real Housewives Of Durban” recently got reactions faced criticism for joining the show u see certain intention after fans thinks that it was not only about the show for me.

“The Real Housewives Of Durban” is a which featured most famous businesswoman who are building their empire and Sorisha Naidoo happen to be one if those woman to be featured in the show. She recently revealed how she feel about the most ridiculous rumour she ever heard. Well it seems like not everyone is happy about the status of LaConco who happen to be the ex-fiancee of former president Jacob Zuma.

In this week episode Sorisha Naidoo revealed much more than we ever expected. We get to know where she became the fame and how it feels like to be in the reality show like “The Real Housewives Of Durban”

She revealed on how much she was excited to join the team of TRHOD and her affiliation to the show. She became too atta hed to the vision of the show. The actress has been famous for many years and she has managed to deliver the professionalism to the show.

She describe the experience she received from the show as very unique with other ladies. She enjoyed much time spend with the ladies. After winning the Miss India South Africa pageant in 2002 launched her on a path to fame and fortune. She has been recognized by the many Mzansi.

Sorisha Naidoo was asked “What’s the most ridiculous rumour she ever heard about herself, she left many reactions has many assumed that there are trouble in paradise more specially when it comes to Zuma Cultural. According to the source this is what she said when asked to give overview about the polygamous relationship:

“It would definitely be LaConco’s rumour which was if I was ever in a polygamous relationship…lol”
Judging by her respond it seems lime not everyone like being in a polygamous relationship. She has slam at LaConco for being in polygamous married that was for two minutes noddiles. Mzansi love the way this particular show steered away from the stereotypical ways of previous shows and made it palatable. Many Fans have love the show and they love the different scenarios that are created with the these featured woman and we hope to all of them again the next season.