The Queen: Sebata is ready to shoot and kill the Khoza family

There has been a lot of drama that has been taking place on the queen and it seems like we are up for a very spicy evening tomorrow as Sebata and Thando are getting ready to attack the Khoza family.

Harriet Khoza recently sent people to attack Sebata’s family and Mpho was shot and killed during that attack and it seems like Sebata is ready to return the fire.



The Khoza family is holding a family gathering in memory of Kea and also welcoming Olerato who is now a new family member of the Khoza family. It seems like they might be aware of what is coming their way as there is a high-security presence around the mansion and one would recall that all gatherings on the queen end in tears. The attendance of the gathering is quite a lot as there is also Petronella and Mjekejeke but Petronella is not okay as she knows that Khoza gatherings always end in bullets and tears.

Below are some of the comments and opinions from the tweeps on the upcoming episode tomorrow;