The presenter of “Sizokthola” Xolani Khumalo talk about people who threaten him for doing this show

The host of the popular television program called “Sizok’thola”, which is shown on Moja Love, Xolani Khumalo, says that it is a . Khumalo says that his main purpose for agreeing to do this program, which uncovers drug dens, is to cleanse the country of this scourge as it is very prevalent in the townships.




He said he knows that there have been reports of threats against him, since he is doing this program, but the good thing is that no one has ever faced him and threatened him. “I hear stories of threats from people. No one has ever face me directly about this, and I will see if that person is brave,” he said.

He said that since he started doing this program, which was first shown in January, a lot has changed in his life as he now lives with the employment of security guards everywhere he goes. “First of all, I don’t trust anyone because I know that drug dealers can use any opportunity if they get it, so I have to keep my eyes open.” He said he is proud of the fact that everything he does in this program is done under the rule of law. He said that before they raid homes or dens, they follow all legal procedures to ensure that they are not breaking any law. “We are working with lawyers and the prosecutor’s office, and all law enforcement agencies to ensure that we do not break the law.”

He said that before joining the show, he was a monitor on the Uyajola 99 show, and also worked as a presenter on the X Repo show, which was introduced by his friend Xolani Maphanga. He said that before entering television, he was working in a mine as he has an engineering degree.