Generations: Thenjiwe Returns From Gog’Flo’s Room In A State

Thenjiwe woke up in the morning and when to check on Gogo but she was scared when she saw her. Gogo needed to bath but she did not want Thenjiwe to help her.

Thenjiwe went to the kitchen and she told Lucy that she should go and see her grandmother. Lucy was mad because she thought that Thenjiwe did something to her grandmother. Thenjiwe assured her that she did not hurt her grandmother.

Lucy went to her grandmother’s room and helped her to bath. When she was done, she went to the kitchen to complain. She told Cosmo that she was tired of taking care of their grandmother and Cosmo told her that she should tell their grandmother that she needs to go to an old age home.

Lucy was scared but she had no choice. She went to tell her about the old age home that they found for her.

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