The painful death of these South African celebrities will leave you in tears

It’s never easy to see a media icon pass away, but in certain situations, the stars died too soon. The tragic story of Prokid, a skilled craftsman who mysteriously and unexpectedly passed away. Here is a breakdown of some of the most disturbing celebrity deaths that have occurred over the past several years.








Shona Ferguson

The media mogul Shona Ferguson made a shocking proclamation that shocked the media, his fans, and the rest of the world. Friday, July 31st, the film marker passed away due to complications with Covid 19. It came as a shock to his supporters, and his passing had an increasing affect all through the entire country of South Africa. Many of his fans all at once expressed their condolences to the Ferguson family by sharing online entertainment photos of him.

Source of photo: Menzi Ngubane’s Instagram

A Man Named Ngubane

Given his sporadic renal problems, Ngubane was placed on a transplant waiting list in 2015. In 2016, he discovered an efficient strategy for preserving his pastime, which allowed him to continue in his line of work. Menzi has been forthright about his health concerns on a regular basis, and he has worked diligently to raise awareness of kidney infection among the general population. At the point when his family acknowledged he had recuperated, the nasty entertainer died in a sad mishap. At the time of his death, the entire country of South Africa was stunned and devastated by his passing.

Source of image: @Instagram/Luzuko Ntelelko

Ntelelko Luzuko

It went throughout the web via web-based entertainment when the insight about the passing of prominent South African entertainer Luzuko Ntelelko, who kicked the bucket at 36 years old, broke. Luzuko’s untimely death on June 21, 2021, was a shock to his family because he had been diagnosed with stage 4 mental cancer only a year before.

Mshoza Wamaboza: Via @Istagram for the Picture

The Mshoza Wamaboza

The news of Mshoza’s death last year spread nationwide sadness and hopelessness. Mshoza’s untimely death at age 37 elicited an outpouring of condolences from people all around the world. The Kortes hitmaker subsided unobtrusively while he slept.

Image of Prokid Linda Mkhize by Google

On August 8, 2018, while visiting a friend in the Johannesburg central business district, Prokid Linda Mkize passed away. As soon as his death was announced, newspapers across the country published memorial tributes. Numerous South Africans were worried when he kicked the bucket since he had expressed such numerous yearnings on Twitter, which had come into a well known stage.

Photos by Lundi Tyamara, courtesy of Instagram

Lundi Gospel singer Tyamara Lundi passed away in 2017 from complications related to stomach TB and liver disease. Only months before he was discovered to have a life-threatening illness, Tymara penned his farewell music, which brings solace to the bereaved. The nation, including the president, shed tears at his fall from power.

Source of photo through Instagram user Sfiso Ncwane.

Ncwane Sfiso

Renal failure ultimately proved fatal for the acclaimed gospel vocalist. His untimely death left all of South Africa in disbelief, but his achievements have since garnered him admiration and sympathy from a wide variety of people around the world. Even South Africa’s former leader, Jacob Zuma, paid tribute to him during his burial, calling him “one of the best melodic fortunes the nation has ever had.”

Brenda Fassie

The actor died at home after an asthma attack brought on cardiac arrest and brain damage. The celebrity’s untimely death came at the young age of 39.


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