‘The man put a gun on her neck’ – Makhadzi’s management on the robbery in Pretoria.

Makhadzi is still in shock after being robbed this weekend outside of Ga-Rankuwa Shisanyama in Tshwane, where she was scheduled to perform.

She is afraid for her life, and she no longer feels safe at gigs.

After a gunman almost shot her, she thinks she was meant to be shot.

Before her show, singer Makhazi, who is 25 years old, was robbed at gunpoint while sitting in her car in the parking lot of the venue.

The singer told Drum that she was robbed at gunpoint while waiting outside the venue to go on stage.

She says, “I’m still in shock.”

“To think that a cell phone almost cost me my life.”

But Makhadzi will tell what happened that night when she is ready.

“I’m not yet ready to talk about what happened. I just need some time to think about what happened.”

Makhadzi’s record label, Open Mic Productions, has since put out a statement saying that Makhadzi is now safe and explaining what happened that night.

The statement says, “Open Mic Productions confirms that Makhadzi was robbed at gunpoint over the weekend.”

“Makhadzi was waiting in the car at an event where she was going to perform when a man insulted her and the dancers. Help was called for, and bouncers were sent to talk to the man, who later said he was sorry. Later, the same man came back to the car where Makhadzi was alone, put a gun to her neck, and forced her to give up the phone she was holding. She then ran to her dancers as the man fired a shot and missed,” the management says.

“When the musician left the venue, a car followed her, and she drove to the Ga-Rankuwa police station to file a report. Makhadzi is at home getting better after what happened, and she has thanked her fans for always being there for her

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The event makes Trust Lekhuleni, who owns Ga-Rankuwa Shisanyama, sad.

“This is a terrible thing. At our venue, nothing like this has ever happened before. We are known as a place where artists and customers can feel safe.

Trust says that none of his employees heard a gunshot or saw what happened that night.

“Makhadzi and her team told us about what happened. We didn’t see anything happen, and neither did the staff,” he says.

Trust talks about what happened before the robbery. It says that Makhadzi and her team got to the venue around 9 p.m., and she was scheduled to perform at midnight.

They got there early. Some guests and artists have been given spots to park. They didn’t park where they were supposed to, but she did. Maybe she was early and didn’t want people to see her. “Trust says, “I heard her say that she was tired and needed a nap.

“Her dancers and team went into the venue and were shown where to sit. When we asked, they told us that Makhadzi was tired and had fallen asleep in the car.

Trust says they asked to put on their costumes for the show in the car.

“We gave them a place to change, but they said they wanted to do it in the car. They ran back to the car and said that Makhadzi had just been robbed at gunpoint. “No one heard anything or saw anything because the music was so loud,” he says.

“We always make sure there are bouncers and car guards, just like we do for customers. Also, a famous person has never parked somewhere that wasn’t their spot. She might have felt better there, so she could sleep there. I don’t know why it happened. They picked a bad place to be. We always take care of the talent when they arrive, so they don’t get swarmed by the crowd. We have doormen, places to park, and security. Hearing about what happened to Makhadzi was very sad, especially since she couldn’t perform and had to go to the police station to file a report.