Where were they when she was struggling: Ike Khumalo hijacks Deborah Fraser’s memorial service

Deborah Fraser

‘Where were they when she was struggling’: Ike Khumalo hijacks Deborah Fraser’s memorial service, criticizes Government

On Sunday, Deborah Fraser passed away as a result of the stroke she endured. On Thursday, her family and close friends held a memorial service at The House of Treasures Ministries in Johannesburg to honor the life of the extraordinary artist. They were having a celebration of Deborah’s life and reminiscing about how kind she was to everyone in her circles.

Ike Khumalo, a controversial advocate, interrupted a memorial service that was being held for Deborah while Deborah’s family was there. He used the opportunity to blame the department of arts and culture for failing to assist Deborah when she required their assistance the most.

Deborah FraserDeborah Fraser: Image source @Instagram
Ike Khumalo hijacks Deborah Fraser’s memorial service, criticizes Government

Advocate Ike Khumalo criticizes the government for its failure to provide financial assistance to Deborah, despite the fact that they spent millions of rand on the contentious R22 million monumental flag. Ike continued by suggesting that the government should provide a donation of at least R2 million to Deborah’s family in recognition of her status as an iconic vocalist who was responsible for a significant shift in the direction that gospel music was headed.

In his own words, Ike Khumalo said:

The Arts department should remove R2 million from the R22 million they are spending on the monumental flag and give it to her family. I know they will promise that they will help Deborah’s family, but they will not; Deborah Fraser was not like another musician. She fought for the rights of musicians in this country. Her family should eat the good fruits that she worked for.

I will not sit here and pretend like everything is okay when nothing is okay. Something should be done to Deborah’s family. The Government couldn’t help Deborah Fraser when she was sick; this is the chance for them to do something.


Deborah FraserDeborah Fraser: Image source @Instagram
Mzansi reacts to Ike Khumalo’s speech at Deborah Fraser’s memorial service

The speech given by Ike Khumalo at the gospel singers memorial ceremony left Mzansi with a positive impression. The fact that Ike had the courage to speak the truth without regard for the repercussions of his conduct delighted his fans. Ike Khumalo is reportedly a superstar as well as a courageous advocate who deserves some respect, as stated by Mzansi.