The age gap between Ntando Duma and her mother left people speechless.

People are shocked at the age gap between Ntando Duma and her mother, Kayise Zulu. Not so long ago Ntando was celebrating her 25th now her mother is celebrating her 38th so a fan asked why their age gap is 13 years, as she was wishing the mom a birthday.

This left a lot of people asking a lot of questions, they were asking how old she was when she gave birth to her. Not to forget Ntando Duma has an older sister Thando Duma, the two did a surprise birthday party for their mother and it was so heart-warming.

The decor and everything else was just on point, you can tell that there is so much love in that family, Ntando is currently acting on The Queen while her sister Thando is a dj. The two sisters are usually mistaken for being twins by fans but actually Thando is older than Ntando.

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