Thandy Matlaila has taken a break from acting to focus on fitness of her body, she’s been doing well

She wants to stay healthy

Thandy Matlaila was last seen on her popular scene from The Queen. Her character was very funny and many people loved it. I think she knows how talented she is when it comes to acting. We would definitely like to see her on the television screens more again.


Thandy is now busy with keeping her body fit and she is more into training everyday. Her body has also transformed to be strong and healthy. She inspired many people who do liked their body. She is now the real influencer.

We would like to see her making short documentaries on how she runs and what time she wakes up in the morning. Having her own fitness show on television would not be such a bad idea as well. She is beautiful and talented, I believe that she can do anything at this point. Thandy is the real deal.