Teddy from Gomora drip that will make you fall in love

Real name is Sicelo Buthelezi.He is a young man currently making waves in the acting industry.Teddy is the name of the character he portrays on screen and its safe to say he is killing it.Sicelo has done so well for himself in only a short period of time.He has acquired so many followers on social media and he is certainly making waves with his newly found fame.

He is now more than just an actor, he is an influencer, he works with brands and promotes for them.Sicelo is doing so so well for himself.The biggest news surrounding his name right now is that he won an award, yep you read that right.The boy has only been in the acting industry for like 2 minutes and he has already bagged his first acting award.So insane but we are so proud of him and we cannot hide the fact that most of us watch Gomora solely because of Teddy.