Remember Ginimbi : What is Happening In His Mansion That Left People Speechless

A year ago around this time news broke that popular businessman and billionaire Ginimbi had died in a tragic accident. He was coming from a party when his rolls royce collided with a another car and when on to hit a tree where it burned to ashes killing everyone inside .He was with his 3 friends including two models .

Ginimbi left millions in his name including multi million dollar businesses, luxury cars and a mansion .Everything was left in that hands of her young sister who instantly became a millionaire because of his brother’s death.Most people thought that the wealth will fade since Ginimbi is now dead but its still standing until today.

When he died Ginimbi’s family announced that his Mansion will be turned into a hotel where guests will come and stay and also can exhibit his luxury cars that he left behind .People can now check into the hotel and its expected to become one of the best luxury hotels in Harare .It has a big pool , sports yard where guests can play basketball and tennis .Also the hotel will continue hosting the annual all white party that Ginimbi used ti host. We wonder how much the hotel will cost per night.

Hopefully many people will show interest in the hotel because some people suspected that Ginimbi was using juju for wealth and thats why he died the way he did even though his death was purely a an accident caused by drunk driving and negligence.

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