Take a look at Thuli Phongolo extravagant lifestyle

Nahmla Diale is the name that started it all for Thuli Phongolo, a role she played in Generations South Africa’s most popular soapie at the the time, now all of that has changed as Generations is no longer the most popular that title now belongs to and Thuli Phongolo has grown into an even bigger celebrity since leaving Generations.




Success seems to be following Thuli Phongolo wherever she goes even DJ career has also picked up very well and the fans are loving, Thuli Phongolo is moving in the circles of the rich and famous and she is living a luxury lifestyle with all her riches found in the entertainment industry.

Life of camera for Thuli Phongolo is perhaps just as extravagant as life on camera as she dines in luxury places, travels in stile and goes to sleep in style, she has fans taking her pictures everywhere she goes if that is not a luxury lifestyle that I do not know what is.

Today we take a look inside Thuli Phongolo luxury lifestyle as a celebrity in South Africa, the beautiful Thuli Phongolo is the definition of success and hopefully 2022 will bring her more success so that she can live an even more extravagant lifestyle.

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