I love you Sakina – celebrity crazed man paints on SABC wall

Sakina Kamwendo is one of South Africa’s most adored TV presenters.

The veteran presenter commands such a large following on social media and it was not surprising that one of her fans went the extra mile.

A 27 year old man was shot and wounded after security guards at the SABC studios in Bloemfontein caught him painting graffiti on the walls.

According to sources in Bloemfontein, the walls outside the broadcast studios are covered with graffiti, with one reading “next time there will be a bomb”, and another “I love you Sakina,” purportedly referring to SAFM and SABC TV presenter, Sakina Kamwendo.

The man is said to be under police guard at the hospital he was admitted to. It is not clear why he went the extra mile to paint graffiti on the walls.

Investigations are currently in place as the SABC studios are considered as a national key point.

This has led to South Africans venting out their frustrations as to why national key points are now being targeted more often. They have questioned the amount of security.