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short hairstyles for prom 2017

On prom day, all you need is a fancy hairstyle and a fancy dress; this is a day for having fan, meet old schoolmates and new ones. This is a moment in your teenage life you will not forget. However, most of your friends will have long hairstyles, but that should not shock you, it’s possible to style that short hair and get the best look than those with long hair, cherish what you have and style it in the best way ever. On this list, I have featured some of the best short hairstyles for prom.

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prom hairstyles for long hair 2017

most important event in any teenage girl’s life is senior ball. Girls get ready for the event long before the date and plan in details all in their image. Some go for bold images the others choose classy styles to look feminine and grown up. Be careful while choosing prom image, everything should be harmonious: hairstyles, dress, make up. Mind that you should choose you unique

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2017 side hairstyles for prom

Side hairstyles are created for long hair in first place.But with medium length hair it is also possible, just opt some hair extensions. Don’t forget to use hair accessory: a chic brooch or hair clip will underline your amazing hairstyle.

The following selection of best side swept hairstyles for prom will inspire you to choose your own style and image for the coming big party.

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side braid prom hairstyles for 2017

prom time is coming and it’s high time that seniors decided what to wear and what hairstyle to choose. Recent catwalk events were full of side hairstyles: side braids, side ponytails, side updos and buns. And yes, this side hairstyles really came into trends now. These hairstyles fit best of all evening cocktail dresses especially the ones

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