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Wedding Hairstyles for Brides With Long Hair

When it comes to weddings, every bride wants long hair. Why? Because there are so many options! You can do pretty much anything with long hair. With long hair, you can do pretty much anything. So before you decide which hairstyle to wear for your wedding, take a look at these ten creative and unique wedding hairstyles for long hair!

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Long Weave Hairstyles For Women 2017 / 18

Hair weaving is very similar a technique to hair extension which is done for achieving length and volume to your hair. A long lock is a traditional look which can make you look glowing in long and smooth tresses. If your hair texture is dark, you can use a blonde highlighter to your locks and let them cascade down your shoulder. simple that you can do with sprinkling some baby powder and not touching it for some time. If you are going to any formal party, try the retro curly hairstyle using rollers or curling iron

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stylish long layered hairstyles 2017

important to choose layering style suitable for your face shape. So if you have round or square face shape, stay away from short layers on the front part; instead, add chin length graduated layers that will hide the width of your cheeks and make your face look oval.

Layering is great option to breathe life to your lifeless tresses. You will get rid of split ends and wear fresh and glossy hairstyle for a long time.

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long big box braids hairstyles 2017

Suffer or try long box braids ideas? Box braids give an opportunity to use hair extensions, various ones, starting from natural and ending in bold and colorful designs.Box braids at least for some months will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of long hair with minimal effort for care, you will try updo hairstyles, you will style them in a bun, or wear simply loose, maybe you will create a braid from your box braids, the choice is great indeed. Besides box braids can be called natural hairstyles for black women, as they are very common among them. Just have a look at the below examples, I am sure you will love box braid styles.

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prom hairstyles for long hair 2017

most important event in any teenage girl’s life is senior ball. Girls get ready for the event long before the date and plan in details all in their image. Some go for bold images the others choose classy styles to look feminine and grown up. Be careful while choosing prom image, everything should be harmonious: hairstyles, dress, make up. Mind that you should choose you unique

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modern long hair hairstyle designs 2017

is a sign of your good health and a treasure which you can be sporty with. Whether you want the look of the fabled Rapunzel who was a head-turner simply with her cascading lustrous hair or a posh, retro look sported by the Hollywood divas longhair is just too versatile for any updo. The easy-to-create hairdos you can try in a jiffy are the vintage pony tail and the top knot both of which are elegant yet eye-catching.

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